Elephant is a lamp designed to be as easy to produce and affordable as possible.
A single sheet of plastic is put into shape thanks to only three pressure buttons. When unused It can be rolled together with its bulb and light fixtures to fit inside a small shipping tube.
The paint splatters process makes each Elephant lamp a unique piece.

Year: 2015
Materials: PVC sheet, electrical components.


studio-julien-carretero-0153-2      studio-julien-carretero-0060      studio-julien-carretero-0070      studio-julien-carretero-0114      studio-julien-carretero-0064      studio-julien-carretero-0077      studio-julien-carretero-0092      studio-julien-carretero-2      studio-julien-carretero-0009      studio-julien-carretero-12      studio-julien-carretero-21      studio-julien-carretero-22